The Album

The album coming forth shall be named Gold & Dark Wool. My brother, Trenton Reynolds, is collaborating with me for the artwork. The progress has been existing and I think this is going to be an exciting group of songs. They come from all walks of life, from different periods of my life, but they're all quite interesting and hopefully enjoyable enough for more than one listen. I hesitate to pay for studio time and the such because I really enjoy the producing and technical side of the process too - my creative flow includes that part. My goal is to create the songs as they should be, and whether that means including many more people or not, I'm not convinced that's the case for this album. The songs are extremely personal and I find them to be holistically representative of myself. They are songs that can be interpreted by the listener and the discussion further than that belongs in the listener's mind. I like the mystery of knowing that everyone reacts differently, and I am not ready to shake hands with that reality. I'm enjoying the haunted house so to speak, so don't turn the lights on yet.

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